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Expiration date of dynamic content

Hi all,

I think I might not be the only one with this.
Does anyone know a solution for setting up an expiration date for any dynamic content? Ex. a featured blog post does not display after the expiration date (but it obviously does until that date).

I’m aware of the limitation options (like showing posts from the last 7 days and so forth), but this is not what I’m looking for.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi, @gabermesz

You can use Condition visibility along with published date or with some special “expiration date” field.

Try to use one of these settings:

  • Published date equal “From today to …” X days in the past (how many days after publishing this item will be visible)
  • Expiration date equal “From today to…” 1 day in the future (how many days after expiration date item will be visible)

Hope it helps.


Thank you, Anna! I will try them and we will see.


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