Scheduling Appointments & Add To Cart Services

I am making a website for someone who schedules appointments for different services. Currently, I’m looking at Calendly but we’ve decided that we need to have an Add to Cart feature on the site.

Now, I know I can use the native Ecommerce from Webflow and simply add the services as products. But this doesn’t solve the biggest issue of integrating the checked out items onto a calendar for automatic scheduling and organization.

Is there a way to integrate the native Ecommerce and Calendly to work together, or is something like FoxyCart or MemberStack a better solution and how so?

Hi @TylerLuce.
Just replied to your email. Foxy may be able to help. Just depends on your needs. Feel free to reply to our email and we can chat from there.


@TylerLuce did you ever get this figured out? I’m trying to do the exact same thing at the moment!

No unfortunately not, we decided on using Acuity and embedding the schedule on there. Acuity allows integrations with google analytics and customer conversion tracking. Also has great support