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Saving webflow design screens out as PNGs

Clients and account handlers still want printed versions of the designs. Is there a way of saving out screens as Pngs or Jpegs?

use a chrome plugin called Fireshot.
It allows screen capturing of an entire page, u can save the img out as png or jpg

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Thanks. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the answer. I need to publish and screen capture each device size separately. Very time consuming. Wish there was a ‘save as png’ with Save all too. Maybe one day :slight_smile:

Download adobe edge inspect. You can then take screenshots of any device you link. Then you’ll need a simple desktop screenshot tool to get the desktop version.

You can also try this

You can also download Awesome Screenshot extension to Safari. Super easy to use! You can capture visible part of the screen, a selectable part and entire pages (even those where you have to scroll 32 miles to get to the bottom).

All you need is taking screenshot of the screen. You can try this free screenshot tool. It can capture any region of the screen and save the screenshot in PNG, JPEG.

You could use Paparazzi! Screen presets, save as pdf, edit in Illustrator and/or print with Acrobat.

for browser screenshot plug-in, I often use Awesome screenshot. For web-based option, I often go to to take screenshot as png.

Thank you for your replies.
However screencaptures do not work. They don’t capture the css styles, just unstyled black and white pages. Webflow should have a print option and an export as PDF. I can’t even print from the browser for the same reason. Clients want print outs and pngs. I am going back to PSDs just because this is such a headache.

I don’t know what tool do you use for make screenshot and why it comes out black and white, but here is what I got with using mine

PNG files with nice resolution so that you can print it out.

Maybe you turned on X-Ray mode so it shows in black and white???

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Here is another tip: SnagIt

My favorite, so far :wink:

I agree–this would be a very helpful feature