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Safari takes up excess memory

I have the same issue here. Turned on chrome for it. The uploading isnt the only problem. Webflow designer is also consuming my memory. I have 20 gig in my imac and its getting the zero in several minutes. then it stops working before the cache cleared by an automated app. very annoying.

I’m also on Safari 11 for the last month. It was good in the earlier public betas of macOS HS. But now its up to date. but still same problem.

Hi @Dogukan_Uzak

Thanks for posting. You are still experiencing the image upload issue in Safari 11?

Can you provide more info on that? Such as a screen recording of the behavior you’re describing?

Can you also please try the following:
(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:
(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:

Thanks in advance.

I just tested and Safari upload is working after the update it seems but still sometimes it uses too much memory.

There is no specific behavior. While using webflow (in safari, doesn’t happen in chrome) it starts showing up those notifications of memory reaching high level so I set up an app to clear cache whenever reaches to high level but it continues to happen in a every few minutes.

It doesn’t happen as soon as I start working on safari webflow, it starts after a while.

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Hi, any leads about the problem ? It is annoying and I do not like chrome very much.

Hi @Dogukan_Uzak

Thanks for checking in on this—I went ahead and created a new topic for this post as this is a different issue than the original thread.

Can you please take the steps I mentioned above? Try opening the Designer in incognito mode to see if the issue persists. If so can you please open the console and take a screenshot of any errors that appear there.

This will help tremendously in tracking down the root cause of the issue.

​Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the separate topic but the memory problem is for only safari, not for chrome.

So how chrome console will help with this ?

Also the topic name is wrong. it is not about uploading images. it happens after I start using webflow in designer mode.

and I changed it.

incognito safari takes up everything eventually.



Thanks for providing that extra information. Can you please take a screenshot of the console in Safari? Apologies for that mixup.

Does this happen with all sites, or just one? Can you share a Read-Only link please?

​Thanks in advance!

Here is the read only link for my latest project but the problem happens in Designer. not just this project.

Also, I did open the console but there absolutely nothing to see.

Thanks for sharing that information @Dogukan_Uzak

I wasn’t able to reproduce the excess memory error when opening your site in Safari. However, I reported this information to our team and we will continue investigating.

In the mean time, can you please use Chrome as a way around this issue?

I will report back here as soon as I have more information!

Thanks in advance for your patience.

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