Safari flickering / glitch

Hi webflow family,

i’m looking for some help with glitchy/flickering behaviour of our landing page only appearing in Safari on scroll. So far i recognized the problem with iPhone 11/12 and on Mac 14.1 Big Sur. With other browsers (Chrome/Firefox) the problem doesn’t exist.
I was looking through the forum but none of the similar problems/solutions with Safari solved the glitch on our website.

Please find a screenshot and the read only link below. Here’s the link to the live URL
Password: Berlin

Thanks a lot in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Alpha Sports Website

When trying to diagnose Webflow issues it’s important for you to share the browser version and OS version you’re experiencing issue with. It is also recommended that you share a live URL where others can test / confirm the issue.

Oh sure, sorry. This was my first post in the forum… so thanks for the help.
I updated the post.

Problem solved… sizes of the background video caused the problem…

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