Display a RSS feed on my website

Dear Webflow users,

First a little explanation.
My client is an accounting firm.
I have created his site in Webflow, but the html is exported and uploaded to the server where his website lives. So far everything he wanted on his site could be done this way.

But now the following.
He is contacted by a firm who offers him news feeds concerning his work domain. This company writes articles that my client can subscribe to, to be shown on my clients website. (for more info on this company, see corecontent.be

Now, I have to find a way to create a page, or a section on a page, where these articles are shown.
I have seen the manual and it seems to work with php.
Would this be possible with Webflow and exported sites?

Thank you

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Which manual are you referring to? If it is a normal feed, there are RSS feed readers that are JavaScript based.

You can add PHP to exported pages if you convert them to .php pages. What you do with exported sites is entirely up to you and your skills.

Dear webdev,

This is the manual.