RSS feed is invalid, but my title and item fields aren't empty

I am getting this message when trying to create an RSS feed:

“RSS feed is invalid. Some of the title or item fields are empty in the resulting RSS feed.”

Yet none of my title or item fields are empty. Any tips?

I saw another post in the forum about this, but the discussion was closed. This issue doesn’t seem to be resolved.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I am getting this message too. Do you figure it out?

Same here. Any updates on this issue?

Hi all. In speaking with Webflow support, they tested my RSS feed here: - Web RSS Reader

And even thought it still shows the “RSS feed is invalid…” message the feed is displaying correctly.

Have you tested yours?


Did anybody fix this issue? Turned my RSS feed on for my blog and linked it to Pinterest and to begin with it all worked fine and now, I’m seeing this message. What’s the deal? The forum only has a bunch of dead threads and no actual solution.

Same here! I can’t find any current posts about it - what’s up???

Any solutions here? I’m facing the same issue

Any solutions? Same issue.