Rollover state help?

I just recently dove into web flow (from Muse) and am struggling to edit one particular area on a template I purchased. I’m hoping someone here can help.

Here’s the in-progress site (template)

The home page incorporates 3 photos of women side by side… (all under the heading… "book your 1-1 digital consultation) all with rollover functionality that displays a colored overlay and text which I presumed was a “state” however selecting any one of the parts that make up those blocks does not indicate a state in the style palate. I just need to edit the photos and the text in each of those blocks.

Can someone guide me?


Welcome to the Webflow Community! Are you liking Webflow so far?

So what this is set up as, is an interaction using the legacy interactions. Once you’ve learned how to use Interactions 2.0 it would be a bit easier in my opinion, but here is how to edit the information for now.

(Video has sound).

If you have any other questions, please reach out. :smiley:


For the photo - find the ‘speaker image’ in ‘content’ and then change the image in settings:

For the text - find the ‘single-speaker’ div and then click the lightning bolt (interactions) and toggle to ‘legacy’:


Then click the ‘speaker-hover’ interaction spanner:


Then click the blue ‘speaker-over’ box and you should see the text box editable!

Hope that helps!

Well there you go - 2 moderators for the price of one!

Well spotted Mark - that’s a quicker way to make the overlay visible - good explanation too :+1:t2:

Hi Mark,

I like web flow a lot, there’s so much flexibility… certainly more than what I was used to in Muse. My problem has simply been the practice of re-training myself to a new interface. There’s a new learning curve for sure. I figured that the best way to learn would be to simply dive in on a relatively simple project… and watch videos as the need arises and ask for help when I get stuck. Thankfully the webflow community came through for me like gangbusters. Thanks!

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Your response is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you for your quick and very thorough reply.