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Buggy hover states

Hi does anybody know how I can use hover states that don’t overlay my copy?

I have based this design on thumbnail images with copy overlaid to explain a little about each project. I can’t seem to get the copy to stay above the rollover state. It seems to fade back and sit behind the blue hover block.

Check it out as its kinda difficult to explain…


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey James I can’t reach your webpage,

I think you meant to share with the community :+1:

Really nice website by the way and strong typography!! I would like to add the main banner can be more transparent because White is such a strong color - and it would be more consistent with the other background images further down the page :wink:

Ah thanks for the heads up…I’ve amended the url to read correct now. Thanks for the compliment. Webflow is perfect for us to create the company website. Love it!

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So im fairly new to Webflow, I made a dummy portfolio for fun so far but looking to learn a lot more.

For your question earlier were you looking to have text appear at the 4 product/tool images, when you hover over them alongside the blue tint?

Hey how are you?

I’m looking to have the text appear above the blue hover, not underneath.