How to remove hover style animations?

Hello there, a bit of stuck in a pickle - I tried looking for transform states on Hover but still doesn’t seem to be the trick. I want to remove the angled animation transition when you hover on an element in one of the blocks (see webpage and screenshot) however I can’t find where to delete it on Webflow. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

This might be a webflow interaction rather than a hover state.

It looks like you’ve shared a link to your staging site rather than a Webflow Read-only link.

Can you go into the designer and click the share button (next to publish) and copy the read-only link so we can better help you resolve this.

@LimeKnight thanks for the help in advance - it’s over in here: Webflow - ecolytiq

for some reason on the preview the transitions don’t show up on hover.

Yep - it’s an interaction set up on the Card Link Image Top element - select that in your navigator and then click the intertactions tab on the right hand side of your viewport, remove the interaction and you should be good.

THANKS A MILLION. for some reason I tried doing that awhile ago and it still didn’t clear :slight_smile: problem solved!

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