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Right-click Menu Item to Apply Class to Selected Element

Not sure if this has been requested yet, but an option in the right click menu to apply the most recently selected (or modified maybe?) class to whatever element you have selected. Maybe a nice way to quickly apply classes to multiple similar objects?

So, for example, if I select (or modify?) a link block with the class “Menu Link” and then select another link block next to it, I can right-click and choose an option that says “Apply Recent Class” and it will apply the Menu Link class as the most recently fiddled-with class. That would speed up the process of bulk applying a class to a number of items. Make sense? Would be cool! :smile:

Sounds interesting, I just tend to copy paste the first element and it inherits the class I applied. This way I can make an entire menu bar in 5 seconds.

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That’s valid! :smirk: