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Ridiculous Experiments

So, this is a completely ridiculous experiment that I was messing around with late one night and forgot about until now:

I thought I would make it public/clone-able in case anyone else feels like messing around with it.

I basically just wanted to try making an animated stick man out of divs. My original plan was to make a bunch of animations that he would do based on what you click on the right, but it took quite a long time just to get this far, so he only waves right now! I’d love to see if anyone plays with it to make new animations or improve the look etc.

Similarly, I made this ‘game’, which is quite possibly the worst game you’ve ever seen, but is again done entirely with Webflow, just as a test:

Has anyone else tried anything like this? I realise it’s difficult to see why you would want to, obviously there are much better ways to create something like this, but I had fun!


pretty cool! you could tell an interactive story with this type of approach. good job! :smile:

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You wave me a dummy, I give you my waving alien:

I’ve been trusting in this all my adult life: THE WORST IS NEVER DISAPPOINTING! Don’t settle for bad, aim for the worst! That said, I couldn’t click the #@&ç§ moving character so I don’t know how worst it can be () Make the character a sausage and call it “The Wurst Game”.


I really hope you come back with more (:

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While I love the approach @vincent and I’m seriously happy to see that kind of interactions in webflow I was disturbed while going to interactions and clicking preview on lowerrightarm only :D

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Hahaha! Wow this could be revolutionary for the seedier side of the internet - low loading times, no ethical concerns… Maybe need to work on the graphics though!