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Rich text link is breaking layout

I recently added Russian to my website however the design for my news page has become cluttered even though I copied it from my English news page.
Why is this happening?
Also, it’s not happening with all the news items, only with some of them.

It happens in both the Russian homepage and the Russian news page.
Russian-> Home

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @ItamarKamar I took a peek at your site and have filed an issue with our engineering team to take a closer look.

It appears that the link in your last Russian post (the one in the Rich Text field) is breaking the layout.

Without the link:

With the link:

Hoping to solve this issue asap - as soon as I know more I’ll post updates here.

Hi @ItamarKamar we found the error and it is two-fold:

(1) RTE fields are not allowed to be nested in Link Blocks. To prevent this issue we are going to add better checks/tests to ensure RTE are not sneaking through (yours found it’s way into the Link block when it was nested in a Columns component)

(2) When an anchor is nested in another anchor, Chrome breaks them out and thus your layout is breaking. To avoid this, please either (a) remove the link in your RTE or (b) remove the link block in your dynamic list.

Either way should solve this layout trouble for you! Please let me know if this helps at all! :slight_smile:

Thank you, William!
So from what I understand, I can’t nest a link inside my text if I want the link block for instance to be only on the header?
This seems a bit weird, making links shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Yes, links cannot be nested (this is a universal browser limitation). However, you can emulate “link ux” by changing the cursor property (found in the bottom of the Style tab in the Designer)

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