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Rich text in CMS pushes links to a new paragraph

Hello all,

I’m having issues with displaying linked text that I add in the CMS section. Every time I link a piece of text it appears on a new paragraph on the preview. Any ideas of what could be happening?

Below are some screenshots to what I’m experiencing with links.

@Jal10c - do you have your global anchor tag set to display block?

@sam-g how would I configure that? Below is my setup.

@Jal10c - post your read-only link and I’ll take a look.

I really appreciate it, @sam-g. It’s been driving me crazy. The link is below.

@Jal10c - yep your All Links selector is set to display block:


Just drop a text link element somewhere on any page, click the selector drop-down and select All Links:


Then just reset that style by option-clicking on the blue text:


@sam-g this was very helpful, thank you!

@Jal10c - No problem, would you mind marking the solution to close out the thread?

@sam-g Absolutely, I really appreciate it. Would you happen to also know how to have the actual text and underline of the link be two separate colors or how to push the underline down from the text a bit?

@Jal10c - turn off the default underline, and then use border bottom or box shadow. With box shadow you can use transitions to animate it.


Webflow achieves the effect here using box shadow: