CMS Rich Text content doesn't show properly on live website

I have a rich text element in my CMS collection. It used to show up properly. Today, I noticed that it doesn’t look as it shows in the designer (for some parts).

I tried creating a new rich text element and re-styling it and linking it to the CMS element again, but the problem remains. I also tried removing and adding spaces in the CMS collection, and yet again the problem remains (for some parts).

In my blog post, I have some listed elements with H2 and some with italic style. And for some listed elements they all show in one line and for some reson it shows normally for some others.

Is it the designer bug? My error? Something else? I am kind of lost why it started acting like this while it was working perfectly a few days ago.

Please see the attached image. Also you can check my read-only page with the link below.

Thank you for your help!

The difference between your designer view and published site view would most likely be caused by;

  • CSS you’ve included
  • Style elements in the site wide or page-level HEAD areas

These won’t appear in the designer, but will impact the published site.
Also try hitting preview, if you see the “broken” look, than interactions is a likely suspect.

Best guess is whatever is applying the style modifications, it’s affecting your element layout so that those italicized elements are block-inline or inline-text layout rather than block.

Your best friend here is chrome devtools, and some time inspecting the elements and CSS to see what’s being applied and from where.

Thank you! Found the problem!

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