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Rich text block cant be placed in a link

Hey There!
I’m having difficulty attached a rich text block inside a linked card using CMS. Below is a loom link explaining.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi @ThinkStation_Edu and welcome.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Can you add public link?
  2. Why you need rich text for paragraph?
  1. Don’t know what that exactly means :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Particularly for bolding parts of the text.

hi @ThinkStation_Edu

  1. sharing public link allow users to look inside your code from Designer (you can find what this is and how to do that in Webflow University)

  2. for holding short text you should use text element orparagraph element as rich text is mainly used for long text as blog post etc. (you can find more on information in Webflow University)

Here you go:

In regards to text, what if we want to include Bold text in the paragraphs.

hi @ThinkStation_Edu paragraph or text has identical options.

I will suggest you can go to Webflow University that is great free resource of informations and watch all videos to learn essential basics how to work with Webflow. :wink:


Flowbase template can be a little tricky.

Is this your intended result?

If so, you need to change your card structure:
From this:
To this: (see screenshots)

Bonus pro tip:
Custom format your CMS RTF with nested classes:


Wow, thanks for the detailed response!

Super awesome!!

I’m having trouble with creating a nested class for RTF as you suggested coloring the bolded letters. How would I go about doing so?