Reuse CMS Collection List Layout

Is it possible to reuse a collection list layout for another CMS collection on a different page?

I’ve created a CMS collection list grid using flexbox that I like and I want to be able to quickly use the same formatting for another CMS collection on another page. However, If I copy the div that the collection list lives in, I cannot change the CMS Collection, there’s a little lock icon next to it.

What’s the best way to handle this? I would need to do this process a 2-3 times and don’t want to make too much work out of it.

Seems like the best way would be to reuse the classes that I set up in the first successful layout?

Thanks in advance.

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Not while the binding is in place.

What I normally do is build my structure with the elements and classes I need to style it. Style that in a style guide page, then add those elements to a new collection list, that I bind the fields to as needed. That way I can reuse my classes easily, and If I need to adjust them, I do so in my style_guide page. Just adding combo classes when necessary.