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As to my understanding, it is not currently possible to re-subscribe a member that has cancelled their subscription in Webflow Memberships. Has anyone found a work-around for this or would it instead work if I used a third-party app (e.g. Memberstack)?

I’m setting up a membership site with a monthly fee where I assume that the clients will come and go from time to time.

Thanks for any support on this.


I can’t speak on Webflow Memberships, but if you do decide to use Memberstack it’s super easy - here’s an article explaining how to let members renew their plans

I didnt know that re subscription was not possible.

Though since its the way it is, in webflow membership beta there may not be much flexibility for workaround

With Webflow | this should be possible

Thanks. I’m looking into Memberstack as well. Maybe that’s the way I have to go. Just feel that it would be easier to keep everything at one place in Webflow.

However, I read somewhere that Webflow Membership is better of blocking content than Memberstack. I don’t want any non-paid customers to be able to access my restricted content in any way. What’s you take on that?

Seems like that’s the case for the moment. I reached out to Webflow support on this and got this email back:

My question: Is it possible for a person who is a subscriber - to unsubscribe - and then resubscribe at a later time.

Webflow support answer: “At the moment, this is not possible. A user can only purchase a subscription product once.”

Hopefully this will be solved very soon - as it’s key to any subscription site

Im not sure if Memberstack can lock the paywalled content from non subscribers, but I understood that @foxy can do that with additional cloudflare setup.

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@Saltiola7 Thanks for the ping. That is correct. Info about our portal can be found here:

Here to assist if anyone has questions or needs help getting started:


By default, Memberstack hides content using client-side rendering (since we do not have access to Webflow’s servers). A poor client-side setup is possible to bypass from someone who is very determined and knows what they are doing.

That being said - there are numerous ways to set it up which are very secure, including gating content server-side (within Memberstack) using our Hosted content feature.

If you need any help making things secure, just let me know :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Memberstack can do this with no additional setup. It’s basically the most important feature of our platform :slight_smile:

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