Restricting domains that can serve our files?

We are having an issue where other sites are copying our site. They are updating content but still using our resource files. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to limit the serving of those files only to our domain. Is this doable?

Perhaps, but not as a built-in feature.
I’d try solving this using a reverse proxy to control content access.

  • Build a reverse proxy that optimizes, replaces, and caches all media on the site
    • Site will be faster, and all images will be at e.g.
  • Restrict access to so that only requests from are approved
  • Clone the site, move the hosting plan over, and unpublish the original, so that eventually the original CDN content your pirates are linking to will be removed.

That doesn’t keep them from coming to your site and downloading images, but it prevents them from linking directly to your served assets, which could potentially cost you a lot on Webflow hosting if it pushes you into Enterprise pricing.

Thanks, yeah I was hoping there was something within Webflow that would allow what can be done with a reverse proxy.

Most likely yes, but not native to the product. With the Enterprise tier I suspect Webflow has a lot of customization options they can offer.