Restrict collaborators to publish only on the staged ( site

Hi, I’m currently working on a new website.
I want collaborators to get acquainted with the process of editing and publishing edits to the website.
But I don’t want these edits to go to the live site for now, only to the staging site (, because the date for the new site to go live is set in stone, but edits done by collaborators go to both the staging AND live site, so the live site is published as soon as they do an edit and publish it ?!
They do not have the option to check to which site the edits go, like we as developers have in the designer.
Is there a way to restrict these kind of edits from collaborators to go only to the staged site as long as the site is in development?
If this is possible (I really hope so) it would be great to teach collaborators how to manage their new website (in progress) before its goes live.

And as soon as the website goes from staging to live, they collaborate on both instances of the site.