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Responsive Unity Web game

Hey everyone!

I make games in Unity and instead of linking potential viewers or clients to a video of the game or to another page where the game is held at it would be wonderful to just have the game embedded on the future web flow site I create for my game company and have it be responsive.

Not sure if this is possible or not. Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Cody from Lazy Goblins

Could we please get a response for this?

Maaan, i was expecting to get the answer in here, as i am also really interested in doing something similar. I was thinking about also making a unity web game at the beginning, however later i got another idea. I was just thinking about some of my favorite things to do durin the spare time, and which could be kind of a ‘‘addiction’’. I decided, that why wouldn’t i try to make an online casino on unity. As this is an addiction of mine, and i was thinking about a similar casino to I guess it would be a great idea, and i wanted to do it just like you wanted to do with that game.