Possible to have a HTML5 game in my Webflow site?

this seems incredibly simple but i can’t find hardly anything on it.
created a very simple game in GDevelop and would like to have it live on my website.

is it possible to host it here on Webflow?
is it possible to have it live on another site and embed from there?

maybe there’s a third option, i don’t know. just need this thing to work, any help appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, did you find a solution to this because I’m trying the same…

While simple HTML5 games are easy ( here’s Tetris ), games which have a lot of assets, at specific paths, and large scripts, are not well-suited to Webflow hosting.

I’d have to see your game to be sure, but Webflow does not give you access to a hosting root directory, so you cannot simply upload those files. You’re better off using an actual hosting provider. Much cheaper too.

If you’re wanting to have a game running inside of your webflow site, then host it elsewhere, and IFRAME-embed it, or launch it from your Webflow site.