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Responsive Slider w/ Vertical and Horizontal images

Hi all,

I’m a photographer who needs to show both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) images in the same slider. The slider controls should not jump around when the user flips back and forth from photographs of different formats.

The images I’m uploading are 900x600 and 600x900.

The first solution I have is to downsize the vertical images so that their height is 600. But once I input a custom height the slider is no longer responsive. Okay. Not a big problem. But I don’t want to go through all my images on the tablet and phone devices and adjust the sizes manually for each one.

What is the better way to go about this so that I’m not adjusting each individual height on the photos?

Also note that I am using the image element inside of a slider. As opposed to making the background of the slide an image.

The work in progress is

Thank you in advance for any help.