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Carousel for portrait and landscape images

Hey there,
How can I achieve such a carousel/slider: :thinking:

I would like that the carousel:

  1. displays portrait and landscape images the same height.
  2. that there is the same space in between every image. No matter if it’s a vertical or horizontal image. And that I can change the width of that space coherent to my design.

I created a slider using the webflow slider widget. However as every image and slider is part of the mask, I can’t change the distance in between the images:

So I tried another one using the custom slider made by @sabanna
However, with that slider, I can’t achieve that landscape and portrait images have got the same height, so the landscape images are very small. The only good thing is that the spaces in between the images stay the same:

Could someone please help me with that?

I think you can do this by setting your images within the slider as the background and clicking the contain button under the background options. This will make sure that the image is contained within the slide either horizontally or vertically, whichever is bigger. You can then supplement this with some padding if you’d like.

That worked out very well! Thanks so much!