Slider scaling while maintaining aspect ratio


I’m new to the platform and have tried to figure out what I can from the gaps in formal documentation, misc. videos and the experts here in the Forum. I’ve been struggling a little with the slider feature and hoping someone can help. My page layout uses a flexbox strategy. Within that, I’ve setup a slider inside a section.

The individual slides are using backgrounds not images, and I have adjusted their positions based on the breakpoints. All of this is working more or less as expected.

The problem is, on higher resolution displays (wide widths), the slider is responsive and becomes very wide and short. On smaller screens, the slider becomes very tall but with an appropriate width. This means the picture is attempting to scale and/or fill all these different proportions which is not ideal.

What I’m hoping to have more of a fixed sized slider, that shrinks proportionally in size in response to the breakpoints. This way, the aspect ratio and the cropping remain the same at all viewport sizes, for a more uniform appearance.

Since I don’t see a way to associate different images with different breakpoints and how to deal with the scaling issue more effectively, I throw this out to anyone who might be able to help. I’ve played with styling the section and the slider in different ways with moderate success, and I suspect this is where my issue exists, but it’s taking too much time to experiment my way through the permutations. Thanks in advance!

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