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Hi all–

I’m having trouble with site responsiveness of my new site. I started off with a template and using the design tool, made a few adjustments to fit the desired aesthetic. The only problem now is that the site is not responsive. When I view the site in a standard window, it looks great (screenshots attached). But when I view on mobile, tablet or even a larger monitor the entire site design is compromised.

I’m still a novice at Webflow so assisting with this issue and giving insight on other ways to elevate my site would be amazing. I could really use your help!



Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the published link:

You should be able to find answers to your problems here:

if not, then post one specific issue you need help with, your question is too broad to be answered easily.

What exactly is not aligned properly? And remember, Webflow the application is responsive. If something is not “Scaling” the first place to look is:

  1. Div layer structure - Meaning Sections, Divs and other elements can override each other if too many styles are applied.

  2. Fixed pixel sizes set on multiple elements.

  3. Margins and padding conflicting with height & width.

Looks like your issues may need a deeper look into how things were set up with divs, columns or containers.

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