Responsive layout options for the TAB widget

As we have many option to address responsive strategy for the ROW widget, I’d like to have such options for the TAB widget.

Especially because the TAB widget often offers a broken UX for smartphones. Tabs are one under another and the content is after the last tab. So you need to scroll back and forth and you’re losing the context.

We could have options to force Webflow to keep the original tab layout for devices, along with other choices, like an accordion-like layout, and a horizontal “sliding” layout.

What would also be helful is a way to link to tabs, and a link to “next tab”—and “next slide”—, useful in the CMS world.

Thanks for listening (:


Excellent suggestion! The only reason why I haven’t been using tabs as often is lack of customizability.

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I totally back this! I personally often discard the use of tabs just because it so clunky on mobile devices. Having it transform to an accordion (or at least have the option to set it up like that) on mobile devices would make the tab soo much more useful for big loads of content!

Another wish that hopefully are on your top-10 @thesergie :smiley:


Totally agree! That would be the way to go. :smile: We’ll look into making it more customizable for Tabs Component 2.0