Default Tabs Widget + Dropdowns on Mobile devices

Are there any plans @Webflow on improving the responsive nature of the default tabs widget?

I think it would be nice if we had the option to convert each tab link into a list item on a dropdown menu if possible. Seems like a pretty common use case around the web, especially if you have 5 or 6 tabbed items.

Even if this kind of functionality isn’t built in by default, then maybe allowing us the flexibility to manipulate the tab links (i.e. build our own dropdown menu) would be pretty sweet.

Just throwing it out there :wink: Thanks for your time.


+1 Working on this right now. If the tabs defaulted to an accordion menu it would be money.

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Yep, I keep finding myself needing this functionality as well. I’ve actually built out a little Tabs to Accordion thing for other folks to mimic, share link below.

If they could somehow free up those “tab links”, as in allow us to insert content/divs in between each one. Let us put the links in a dropdown, etc. It would make going from Tabs to Accordion or Tabs to Dropdown much easier. I would actually prefer it this way so that we can do whatever we want with those Tab Links when we get to the mobile screens.

Probably much easier said than done, just curious if anybody on the team has this in their sights.