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Responsive Layout Help : Noob

So im fairly new to webflow. Ive done one other site using this tool before and thats all up and working fine.

im currently designing a new site for a mate’s company and ive ran accross a couple of issues.

so basically the site looks fine in desktop and ipad/tablet view however any smaller than that and the layout is completely all over the place, especially texts which i have as a list element withing containers/coloumns, any idea how i can go about resolving this??

any help in regards to anything else thats wrong wouldnt go a miss either haha :smiley:

heres the link:


The best way to keep your site responsive is to avoid defined the height as much an possible. Leave it to auto. If you really need to define a height use a percentage so that it is fluid.

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damn ive pretty much height defined most objects now, i could potentially be better off making the site non responsive at this point?

You should also generally use percentages for width as well. Weather or not you start over is up to you. Keep in mind that when you change a class everything with that class will also change, so the correction might be quicker then you think. Start at the desktop and those style changes will be applied to the other screen levels. Columns will switch to a stacked layout in the phone view which is what is happening to your footer. Simply go to the setting on the column when in the phone view and switch it back to horizontal and change the height to 100% on all the elements.

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thanks alot @Davidn, really helped, i guess im too used to working in pixels in photoshop, i think this has ended up working now so thanks :smiley:

Your welcome. If you have any other issues feel free to post again. :smile:

I think there’s an issue with your site

try a refresh? working fine for me

no change on my end… really strange that I can seeing webflow running with any css.

still hosed.