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SOS: text jumble (Responsive)

Hi all, ive created a site for a friend of mines company, relatively quick and easy site layout, however when it comes to mobile devices and in some cases desktops the site just looks an utter mess in regards to text and responsive layout and i cant for the life in me fathom out where im going wrong. ideally id like to make it non responsive and not have to go through every layour option for each device and change the full site… the actual site is live now @

ive tried adding some custom code to make the site non responsive (which is actually preferable for this site and purpose)

i used this code

  @media screen and (max-width: 991px) {
    .w-container { 
      max-width: none !important;
      width: 940px !important;
  @media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .w-col    { float: left; }
    .w-col-1  { width:8.333333333333332%  }
    .w-col-2  { width:16.666666666666664% }
    .w-col-3  { width:25%                 }
    .w-col-4  { width:33.33333333333333%  }
    .w-col-5  { width:41.66666666666667%  }
    .w-col-6  { width:50%                 }
    .w-col-7  { width:58.333333333333336% }
    .w-col-8  { width:66.66666666666666%  }
    .w-col-9  { width:75%                 }
    .w-col-10 { width:83.33333333333334%  }
    .w-col-11 { width:91.66666666666666%  }
    .w-col-12 { width:100%                }
<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1">

heres the link to the webflow site, if anyone could help that would be amazing as im under some pressure to get it wrapped up.

Many Thanks


Are you hosting it through Webflow or exporting the code and hosting it somewhere else? If you’re hosting it somewhere else it would be a simple matter of removing a meta tag in the head to make it unresponsive… however I really don’t see why making that site unresponsive is beneficial. It really isn’t that hard to make a site responsive and look nice using Webflow. Just go through in order from desktop to mobile portrait and make any necessary style changes, which shouldn’t be that much unless you built the site in a way that’s very unconducive to responsiveness in the first place.


yeah im exporting it and hosting elsewhere as its not going to be my site anyway. what meta tag should i remove if its the case that they actually want to go ahead and make it non responsive? im still new to all of this so any further info would be great. cheers

does anyone know what i can do to resolve this? im desperate now. sorry for bump

thanks all