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Responsive Images -

I’ve asked this question several times over the past several months…

  • and I still haven’t received an answer.

Where and How do you enable responsive images.

I have 11 websites that are NOT serving responsive images.

Hi @Revolution sorry if this wasn’t answered in the past. Responsive images are usually auto-enabled. If you load up an old website in the designer, a pop-up should show up that asks if you want to convert your images to responsive images.

If you don’t see any pop-up, try clicking on an image on your canvas, then press CMD+SHIFT+i (CTRL+SHIFT+i on Windows).

You’ll see an extra option in the settings panel.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek - So i’ve just done this on a site, I assumed was auto enabled on already as a fairly new website. It loaded a popup and scanned all my pages. after that I got no feedback as to what was actually done.


Thanks… I just tested it on one of the sites…
appears to work.

@PixelGeek Just FYI

after the scan I saw this message

33 AM

I think thats cause it went through all pages including the password login page you can have, so thats just a notification from it going through it

ahh. ok makes sense. thx :slight_smile:

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