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Responsive Images - How to start

How get to Webflow to use responsive images.

Webflow creates and uses responsive images by default.

ok so… how do get Webflow to start using responsive images by default.

Because every time I export this particular site… I don’t get responsive images.

Hi @Revolution,

Could you please edit and provide the share link of your project in your post so that Waldo or Cyberdave can look at it?



I’m having the same issue on my project:

Images are not responsive when I am resizing my browser

I’m having the same (similar?) issue, I don’t see the “responsive image” checkbox
on images in my site, and PNG’s are not responsive… I did the images-refresh shortcut, but still no checkbox.

@cyberdave @Waldo

Been so busy… I completely forgot about this issue.

The issue I’m having… (maybe it’s the same as the others in this thread).

  • I cannot locate any option to enable Responsive Images.

With all websites…

  • I haven’t been prompted to create responsive images
  • I haven’t been able to locate an option that allows me to use the responsive image feature
  • All my sites are being exported with single images only - no responsive images.

Has this feature been dropped / removed ? or am I just not unable to locate this option ?

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