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Responsive images from CMS

Hi Guys

Not sure what Im doing wrong here. I have uploaded images to the CMS. About 1800px wide,
I put them on my gallery page, with a 500px fixed width attribute.

The published site still renders them as 1800px wide, scaled down, instead of giving me a resized responsive version.

What am I doing wrong?
I thought maybe the images needed to be even larger to trigger webflow to resize, but even with a 3000px wide image, it still isn’t resizing it.

Live gallery page:

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK

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@EvanCowan Thats right. Webflow renders only new images for the breakpoints - except you have low-res desktop. On desktop you get the images size you upload. So beware of your image size.

Hi Matthias, thanks for the reply

I can’t see any resized images, even on mobile breakpoint. See screenshot from Chome below. The image is still 3000px wide.

@EvanCowan - Webflow does not render responsive images on CMS page templates when the image is from a collection field. Nor does it do it inside collection lists. You should optimize the images accordingly.

thanks WebDev…
So, what does it mean on this page then?

It means they state that a feature exists when it does not. Only the blog says it works. If you test you will see that it does not. The university pages don’t reference any CMS usage.

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hmmm ok. Thanks webdev. :slight_smile:
@webflow please update your blog.


Your right. They need to address this.

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its something go further in this topis ? I Have big image on 320 - webflow rescale it but load the big one ?