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Images not Downscaled when uploaded from CMS?

I am doing a project where there are lots of large images being uploaded to our cms and I thought similarly to how images are handled in webflow that it would be the same using the CMS… but according to the amount of time it’s taking to to load a page, I can see that the images aren’t being downscaled to fit the size they are displaying in… is this a bug? or something I’m doing wrong? Or are there plans to more appropriately scale images that are uploaded to the CMS?

Here is my page in question. All images loading from the CMS:


First, webflow do not (yet) auto compress/resize images the “original image” (It will be a great feature/plugin).

Somehow to automatically resizes uploaded images to the max dimensions = DREAM :slight_smile:

Anyway - if for “facebook icon” 30px X 30px width/height - you decide to use 6000px X 6000px 3mb image - no tool could disable this.

Background images

Next, Responsive images only work for image element (<img src="...) not for background-images.

This features generates responsive variants for all inline JPGs and PNGs, except those added via rich text elements. It also doesn’t apply to background images./ webflow docs

Relevant wishlist idea:

compress tools

Last, you talk about responsive images (You still should compress your images) by tinyJpeg or another tool (read her).

Example with image from your site:

Webflow Generating responsive variants of your original image = on desktop you should use optimize image.

Full article about this topic:

Summary: This is not a bug - but wrong implemented.

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