Responsive Header Size Issues

Hi Folks! Thanks for help in advance :slight_smile:

I’m currently creating a parallax scroll website… with a “Page Title”.

Problem I’m facing is when I switch view (ie to tablet or phone) my “Page Title” is either too big / or too small. When I change the font size manually this adjusts the size across all the different
touchpoints (I.e. Same size across large website, tablet, phone, Ipad…etc.)

I have now placed the title within a DIV BLOCK within the container. The container has a “Relative” position… and the DIV BLOCK (now with my page title) has an “Absolute” position… and set to “FILL”. My question is… how do I ensure the size is responsive? I’ve tried to edit the Width / Height to be 80%VH or 80%VW… But this doesn’t seem to adjust the overall size (I.e. It cuts off the text or positions it weirdly).

Any help or tips?

Hi Darren! Can you provide us with a link to the read-only version of your site? You can find out how to do that at this link.