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Can't make text or content responsive!

Hi everyone

I’m just having a play around with a new project at the moment and mainly using it to teach myself as much about Webflow as I can.

I’ve just started making a hero image for my website which will have some hero text on with another odd element or two but the only thing is that the text or other content isn’t responsive at the moment.

I’ve set it as EM and VH/VW % respectively and neither one seems to change the size of the text as the viewport size is scaled - likewise this seems to extend onto other views such as tablet and mobile.

I have a read-only link here:

And an example of what I’m attempting here:
If you resize the viewport in the design view (not selecting the alternative displays) you would see what I mean

I love the Lead website and have learnt SO much from the sheer fantastic design already but this seems to have me stumped!

An help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


Setting the font size to a VW / VH number worked absolutely fine for me. I’ve found the best way to keep things readable is to tweak the font number as you go down the alternate displays to make sure the font still works on the different breakpoints.

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