Responsive design not reflected on mobile

Hi - does anyone know of a reason why an exported site would fail to be responsive on mobile?

When viewed on mobile the externally hosted version shows the desktop version (iPhone 5s).

What is weird is that the webflow hosted version works fine, and also the externally hosted one does show the mobile site when viewed in a narrow desktop window.

This is the webflow hosted:
The is the externally hosted:

My understanding with this issue is that a public share link will not help so not including.

It seems you haven’t published you exported site “as is” but rather included it in a frame within a frameset layout. Is that right?

Your site is actually a HTML 4.1 site with a frameset containing an HTML5 site. There are many reasons why the responsivity wouldn’t kick in.

Edit: if you browse the real root of your self hosted webflow website, the responsivity works

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Thanks, I understand this now I think and not really a Webflow issue.

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