RESOLVED: Site stopped working, changed to SSL and back still not working


My site was fine yesterday but today I got an error about security so I changed it to SSL and added a and cname details in the dashboard. Now the site refuses to work and try both the SSL and non SSL details and it just seems to be permanently down.

The site is

I’ve attached some screenshots, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Marcus,

Great question, and I noticed that your account settings are currently correct.

Feel free to re-publish your Webflow project to your custom domain

Please note that it can take a few hours (up to 48 hours) for DNS changes to propagate, and you can view your live DNS settings at the following URLs:
A records -
CNAME record -

Hi Micah,

I just checked those 2 links and it’s all ticks. Does that still mean it’ll still take upto 48 hours before my site will be useable?


Hi Marcus,

The site should now be resolving, however we are currently looking into the reason why you are receiving the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR message.

Because this looks to be a possible Bug, I am going to update the category of your post.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Seems to working now. Whatever you did it worked :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

Yes, there seemed to be a brief SSL outage with our SSL partner, Letsencrypt.

I’m glad it is up-and-running now! :webflow_heart:

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