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RESOLVED - Problems with opacity animations very recently

EDIT : The problem went away after cleaning all cache and history from chrome (and also cleaning and fixing permissions of disks, though I think the changing factor was mostly the cache)

Hello everyone !
I am quite lost as my website work pretty ok about a week ago and now opacity elements within the kinda complexe animation I’m using for navigating around the menu panel are not working.

Did something change recently in the way animations interact ?
I am sure it worked last time i checked 8 days ago, and now even if i try to see on back ups version, the said part of animation are not working…

Many things are not working anymore :

  • the flip image at the load are supposed to disappear to mess up the image, now it comes back up directly after flipping ,and i don’t know why.
  • the “row menu” is set up with animations to fade out while moving left when navigating to a page, but the opacity animation is not doing anything, which make for laggy interactions all together because it is missing an important part of the animation.

The website start to be rather complexe and i’m messing a lot of things up trying to find the solution. It worked fine 8 days ago since the last time i worked on it, and today i come back and it is all messed up… :frowning:

Any ideas ? thx a lot for your help if you can.

Online version (if working on the site atm) :
Here is my public share link: poke folk website in progress
(how to access public share link)

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