[RESOLVED] Navbar link visibility disappears in preview and published site?


There is a very unusual issue affecting the nav link visibility on the site I’m currently creating.

In the designer all Nav links (within the Nav menu bar) are visible. However, whenever I preview the nav links are not visible, however, they still function if you hover the mouse over where they would normally be visible.

The 2nd issue affects the mobile viewport. There is an interaction using the ‘Hamburger’ menu icon show/hide dropdown navbar. On 1st click (Hamburger Icon) navbar shows (as expected), 2nd click navbar hides (as expected), when performing another click (1st click), navbar visible (as expected), but the nav links are not visible, yet they still function is you hover the mouse or touch where the link would normally be visible.

Here’s is the read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/nzsparklingwater?preview=dafea40f48bc56009da14357c703d901

Here is the published webflow.io link: http://nzsparklingwater.webflow.io/

Video demonstrating the issue here (sorry for poor audio): https://www.useloom.com/share/c32a172f1d944007a2b8497334193f90

Everything is clickable because this is only opacity: 0%; (The element is there)

Only in preview mode you see the interactions.

You create initial-view 0% - here

Maybe start from zero - in general create one animation set for mobile - and the other for desktop (simplier)

Hi Ezra, sorry for the late reply.

Thank you so much for your response and assistance.
One of the difficulties of learning a new program/system is ‘playing’ with settings and not knowing how to correct the changes I ignorantly made!!:scream::exploding_head: