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[Resolved] Nav Bar (Hamburger) not working on exported site


I have a site here which works fine on webflow.

However, upon export, the hamburger fails to work. Meaning, the icon shows up when the viewport is right (tablet and below) – but I am unable to trigger the menu when the icon is selected. The only change that I’ve done is to minify the HTML/CSS/JS.

Additionally, the current link to be highlighted in blue is not showing either.

Menu does not display in non-minified code either.

What could the issue be?


Hey Clarence, I’m a bit confused on what you’re trying to achieve. The menu button appears to work just fine for me when viewed on a tablet viewport and below, and the blue current state is showing on each page as well. Did you solve the issue?

Hi @Reply, thanks for the post, do you have a link to the published site that is hosted externally to Webflow? That would help to check it. Cheers,

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@cyberdave: Apologies, slipped my mind to include the externally hosted site.

Here it is:

@jordanshotwell: Sorry if I’m not clear. It is the externally hosted site (linked above) that I’m having issues with.

Hi @Reply, the menu is not working because there is a javascript error on the page that halts the other code execution including the menu. I am checking into to what might be the reason. :smile: as soon as I have more info I will update.

@cyberdave, you’re right! Replaced with an un-minified webflow.js and the site is working.

Suspected that something went wrong during the process of minification. Which is a site I came across here –

Found a new site – – and that did the trick.
Compressed webflow.js to less than half of its original size and the menu remained working.

Consider my issue solved.

Thank you @cyberdave for pointing me in the right direction!

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Hi @Reply, thanks for the update :slight_smile: That is strange to hear about Will Peavy’s minifier… i have never had problems with it with html or css, but I have not minified the js with it. Good to know this and the alternate solution :slight_smile: You get a brownie point :slight_smile:

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