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Hamburger menu not working after exporting site


I have a site built on Webflow: School Page

I am exporting this to run on Wordpress (because I have over 10k CMS items): Warren Junior School catchment area map, stats and reviews - Schoolhawk

The hamburger menu seems to not be working on my Wordpress site. Have I done something wrong in the export? I included the Webflow .css and .js files, but the menu doesn’t work on mobile.


Your Webflow .js file, which contains the interactions, including the menu behaviour, is not loading correctly.

That’s maybe because every Webflow site needs a data-wf-domain="" data-wf-page="" data-wf-site="" inside the html tag to work.

Hey Paul, thanks for the reply! I added those tags ( but still getting errors on the JS file. Haven’t touched the file after export - any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

I fixed this by swapping the webflow.js below the jquery js in the wordpress footer.php file

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