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Drop-down Menu works on Webflow hosted site, but not on external hosting

I created 2 drop down menu items in my main nav and while its on webflows platform it works fine. Export the code it doesn’t work at all. Whether its on a server or local. Not sure what the issue is. I’ve shared my read only link and live (external server) link.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Live site:

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Hi @William_Burgess, I noticed there is a bit of custom code being used on the site.

When you exported and uploaded to your staging server, did you upload the files from Webflow with zero modifications, just export, unzip and upload?

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export, unzip and upload.

Hi @William_Burgess, does the menus work locally for you on the exported folder, if you load the index.html file in Safari?

That is a fresh export, no modifications to it. It’s very strange. I’ve deleted the files, and extracted the zip file on the server itself, I’ve tried a local extraction and upload files one by one. With luck so far.

Ok, well at least it does not appear to be custom code related, there might be some console errors but those are not related.

Strange… for me menus work with no modifications to the export. I can also send you a replica of the site if you want to try exporting a replica of the original.

Might also be a good idea to clean and remove unused styles on the site from the Style Manager object panel.

if you could, that would be awesome!

Hi @William_Burgess, check your DM, I sent you a link to a replica of the site along with a link to an export that I have checked works on my end in localhost/apache server mode.

Let me know how that goes.

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