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Lightbox issue on phone portrait and landscape


There have been several similar topics already, but unfortunately none of them resolved my problem.

I’m using two basic lightboxes for photos and videos…they are working properly on desktop and tablet, however when it comes to phone they have a couple of issues.

  1. they can not handle if i rotate the phone by 90 degrees (so basically changing to landscape) and the pictures appear on the left side (not fullfilling the screen)
  2. Videos are not playing on portrait (at all) AND if i rotate it the video appears on the left side (same issue as above) and i have to watch it full screen to watch the video normally - this is what i want people to see immediately after opening the lightbox, is it possible?
  • share link…it appears perfectly when i’m checking it in the designer
  • I was testing it on Android 4.1.1 (HTC) running Chrome
  • Published page

Am i the only one with these issues? Does someone know a proper solution? Thanks a lot!

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