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[Resolved] How do I set 'name' property for any element?

New to webflow, I created a login form to be used on my site. To correctly post email, for example, I have to set ‘name’ attribute for the email text field as ‘user[name]’ but it gets assigned to data-name instead and poor text field is bearing name ‘user-name’, same as id. This leaves the form fit for nothing. Since, name is reserved I can’t even set it using custom attributes feature. Please help :frowning:

Hi @rahul, can you share your project public link, enable that from site settings page… paste that link here, and we can look at your issue… Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave. Thanks for your promt reply
Following is the project public link

Hi @rahul, some updates were made to these fields, can you check again to see if you still have the issue? Thanks, Dave

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Thanks @cyberdave
issue is resolved

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