How can i reuse name and email fields?

Hi Everyone, thanks for helping in advance, I am new to webflow! it is powerful and amazing.

I am using a Starter plan of webflow subscription and a free hireup template.

  1. After signup, I can see the user’s name and email on the user account page.
  2. If I want to display, " Hello, Charlie Doe" after user login, I need to reuse the {Name} form field, which I couldn’t able to figure out.

Separate Topic:

  1. I have used the Zephyr integration tool to Trigger the USER ACCOUNT FORM BLOCK, but since it has reset password inside the same container, I think it didn’t allow me.
  2. Name and Email fields are just generalized as form field without any specific name.

fyi, i have read this but it didn’t help in my case → Capturing E-mails and Phone Numbers from my site