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Performance issues with Webflow

I have been facing some performance issues, inconsistent performance of some features and more. I just want to state this issues so that the team can be informed.

Interactions placed on some links would just stop working after it has worked successfully. Most of the time I would have to duplicate the one that is working and reassigned.

Div height containing background image : This is the most troublesome. Sometimes just apply height: 100% value displays the background-image. Sometime and often times, applying 100% value for the height of the background-image div would not show-up the image when published, neither applying 30% or so, would do when published. WF would only show the background images when you change the values to pixel.

inline-block & Float: Divs with this properties sometimes would not just work.

I do often do this routine most times, clear the cache, refresh WF designer, sometimes close the project and re-open.

If you are experiencing similar issues it will be nice to share here.

I have had some troubles too with the div heights and widths when set to percentages. I first thought I messed up the settings (wrong combinations of “display settings”, floating and positioning) which I probably did a couple of times. But when I checked it, it drove me crazy until i found out that publishing the site was a great work around without a need to refresh the composer.

Custom Code: Adding commenting to js not working in webflow (/*… */)

Hi @topelovely, about the commenting of js code can you use // instead of /* ? The /* is used for commenting CSS and // for commenting Javascript.

About the other issues, do you have a read only site link you can share, and I can take a look at this.

Best regards, Dave

I learnt you can use // for a line. If you want to do multiple lines you use //

Hi @topelovely, that works too yes. Actually both work in webflow, you need to make sure your comment tags are enclosed by either style or script tags.


I hope that helps. Cheers, Dave