Mobile Nav Menu - Not Working on Mobile Safari

Hi Everyone, I’ve built a few sites with Webflow, but I just discovered that none of the mobile navigation menus (sandwhich icons) work properly on mobile safari browsers.

For example, if you check out the links below, you’ll see that the menus will not expand / dropdown when clicked. In fact, nothing happens at all when a user clicks. I created a very basic site with just the mobile nav to make it simple to identify the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a resolution?

yup…i had the same issue with this site:
i sent an email to support and they said it worked fine on their end.
still doesn’t work for me at all on mobile safari.
works fine on mobile chrome.

edit: i just tested the link you posted up and the menu does not work on mobile safari for me either.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m experiencing the same thing. The mobile nav menu works fine on mobile Chrome browsers, but not mobile safari.

Even the menu on site doesn’t function properly on mobile safari browsers.

I sent an email to the about it, but haven’t heard back yet. If I can find a solution, then I’ll post it here.

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you are right! the menu on doesn’t work for me either. good to know it isn’t just me. yes…please post up what you find out. thanks!

have you made any headway with this issue? is it working for you now? if so, can you share what got it working so i can see if it can work for me as well.

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@dapitts08 and @mlag what devices/operating systems are you experiencing this issue with? I’m on an iPhone 6, iOS 9.1 with no issues on any of these site menus.

same. iphone 6, iOS 9.1

Same here. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1. However, some of my co-workers have the same devices/op system and they do not experience the same issue, so I’m not sure what is causing it on my phone.

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Ive built two sites with sandwich menus. Ive also tried to make one with only a menu. se attached test page.

The menu works on my IOS 9.1 Safari iPhone 4s but not on my IOS 9.1 Safari Iphone 5…

Nothing happens when i click the sandwich button. Don’t think it works on any iPhone 5 phones.

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I’m having this issue as well. We managed to get everything working fine on every other browser/device possible, but the mobile nav isn’t working on any of our iOS devices (iPhone 6 w/ iOS 9.2 iPad Mini w/ iOS 9.1). Can someone please help? Having dropdown menus not working on the most popular devices is not acceptable…

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same issue here. I also tried to buid a very simple website with only navbar and one section (just in case i may have messed up my website navbar) but still the sandwich menu is not working.
I see the problem has been going on for a while… any solution (since the webflow website still shows the bug i feel slightly hopeless…)? It is really difficult to justify this problem with a client!
@Waldo : could you please take a second look at the issue?

In addition, on my website, a modal pop up (wechat icon on the top right) is not working as well on ios (while all fine with android). Any suggestion?


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