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CMS Editor Doesn't Allow Image format

I’m accessing the CMS through the CMS editor and I can’t add a photo to the “Post Body” section or change the layout of the image. Is this a bug or not possible in the CMS editor?

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Is the field a rich text field?

Yes the main post area is a rich text field.

I’m accessing it through the dashboard.

I bet it’s because the site in question is still in development and I haven’t upgraded to the CMS hosting? Any idea if that could be the cause?

you can still access your front-end CMS editor from your site settings. Just click on the purple “CMS” button at the top right.

To add an image in a Rich Text element, just press enter while inside the Rich Text element, then click on the “+” plus sign.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I don’t think we are on the same page…

In the backend, I can add and edit layout of images with no issue. As you see here.

However, in the front-end editor I can’t add a photo to the rich text area or change the positioning/layout of a photo.

The plus option and the layout options aren’t available. I checked an it looks like the options are available in the front-end on sites that I have CMS hosting active for…that makes sense actually so no worries.

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