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Advice for linking PDF files

I’ve looked at a few previous discussions on here relating to PDF linking, but I still am not satisfied with the options laid out. Here is what I have tried so far (and the reason each has come up short). I am interested if anyone has figured out a really good way to embed or link PDFs into Webflow.

-Google Drive: hosts my PDFs and offers embed code, but the code doesn’t seem to function properly in Webflow.

-Dropbox: I can simply add a url link to my file (not possible to embed directly, I believe), but if a user doesn’t have a dropbox account, there are a few things they need to click through and it can be very confusing for someone to view/download the file.

-Issuu: Has a very nice-looking embed feature, but it looks like unless you pay the $35/month fee, viewers are not able to download the file (which is essential, since we have a lot of forms that need to be printed/saved).

Is there a workaround for any of these? Is there another PDF hosting site that others have found to work well? Is WF working on hosting PDFs (haven’t seen an update on this in over a year)?


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Change the “0” to a “1” at the end of the URL that Dropbox gives you and it will behave exactly like if it was hosted on a HTT¨P server.

Alternate method: change by


Thank you! Although ideally I would like to embed the PDF (hopefully WF will roll this out soon?), this will get me what I want in the meantime.

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